A Heart for the People


A Vision for the Future

Born and raised in Windsor, Hunter Rivera has seen the town of Windsor and Northern Colorado expand into a sprawling utopia. Hunter Rivera has seen the beauty of it, but sees the problems that have been ignored.  The town has instead  gone all in for the idea of today instead of the idea of tomorrow. Windsor has been put on the back burner in Northern Colorado, and if it stays on the same course, Windsor will become an after thought compared to neighboring towns. It is our time to save our neighborhood, our community, and our town!

This is our Home

We all share many things in common as residents of Windsor.  Hard working, determined, family-oriented; these are all values every single one of us shares. Hunter Rivera believes in these values to guide him and his campaign.  Hunter vows not to let anything or anyone destroy our values in this town. Hunter Rivera is committed to keeping our homes safe and preserving every single resident's rights and values in the town of Windsor.

How to help

“I can’t win this race alone, I need the support of every single Windsor resident. I love my home and I want to ensure that it stays that, "my home." I refuse to have any outsider take our town from us and make it something that it’s not. I cannot do this alone. I need every single voter to support me however they can--Vote!  Sign my petition to get on the ballot!  And of course donate! I cannot thank you enough for your support.  However you show your support, I appreciate you. So thank you to every single one of you who has or will support me on this journey!” 

-Hunter Rivera


The Topics

The Town of Windsor sits at the crossroads of our future. We have the choice now to give the power back to the people and give them a chance to be heard. I believe in giving people back their voice.  I also have my own thoughts that I’d like to see in this town. I, along with other officials in the town and county, and with much public input, share these same visions.

Expansion of Infrastructure

Creation of new roads and expansion of roads in order to reduce traffic congestion and to lay the ground work for a growing population.

Protecting Parks and Recreation 

Protecting our beautiful parks. Expanding our parks, trails and preserving our natural open spaces. Ensuring that all have a chance to compete and participate with in our recreational programs.

Promoting Local Business 

Giving tax breaks to local businesses in the town of Windsor. Promoting the businesses in Windsor will allow us to stimulate the local economy.

 Giving Town Department Necessary Assets

Allowing all town departments the necessary resources to allow them to operate successfully.

Allocating Resources for Water Storage

Finding ways to store water through pursuing programs such as Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP). 

Sparking Public Interest into Local Government 

Allowing the people to get involved and allow for more interaction from the public with those who serve you.


All events for the Rivera4mayor campaign will appear here as well as the next door app and Facebook! 


Meet and Greet at Toast Coffee and Wine

6 - 8PM

Toast Coffee and Wine. 205 4th St.

Event Details


Meet and Greet at Toast Coffee and Wine

 Come out to Toast Coffee and Wine Bar on the 12th of February to enjoy some coffee or wine and discussion with Mayoral candidate Hunter Riv...

Event Details

6 - 8PM

Toast Coffee and Wine. 205 4th St.


Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Donating allows the Rivera4Mayor Campaign to spread the word and help Hunter get elected to town hall this April! 

If your donation is over 19.99 please go to https://www.freedomfy.com/projects/my-name-is-hunter-rivera-and-i-am-a-high-school-senior-running-for-mayor-in-the-town-of-windsor/

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